Web Application Security

I’ve been poking around to learn about web application security framework and frankly I am kind of disappointed. Comparing with the number of open source frameworks for other aspsects of web application i.e MVC, testing, O/R, there aren’t that many security framework. Here is a list of what I have found so far.

  1. Acegi Security
  2. jGuard

I would interested in hearing your opinion on any these frameworks. If you know of a good security framework, please feel free to share.

I will post my opinion and findings as my journey in searching for a good security framework progresses.

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2 Responses to Web Application Security

  1. charles says:

    i hope you’ve tried jGuard.
    if you’ve got some questions about it, or some issues, the jGuard team will be happy to help you on the jGuard forums.


    Charles(jGuard team).

  2. fantastic says:


    I am currently evaluating both Acegi and jGuard. Do you have documentation that compares these two frameworks?



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