10 Tips For Success Career

I found an old email in my mail box dated back in 1999, but the content is still pretty applicable. The content of the email contains 10 tips for a successful career. Since I haven’t really taken all those tips seriously over the years, it is no surprise that my career is not as successful as it can be 🙂 Looking back though, I can see that I unconsciously practiced some of those tips and I can totally say the pay off is good and led to unexpected pleasant surprises. So for the next 5 years, I am planning to take these tips seriously and constantly going back to them for reminders.

Here are the tips:

  1. Don’t wait for permissions
  2. Don’t burn bridges
  3. Respect others
  4. Be a team player
  5. Be Flexible
  6. Have confidence in your decision
  7. Learn technologies
  8. Find a champion
  9. Be both patient and tenacious
  10. Thinks two steps ahead

There is one tip that I would like to add:

11. Have a healthy disregard for the impossible

Love to hear your career tips.

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