Performance Tuning Lessions

Depends on how you look at it, performance tuning can be a stressful task or a really fun and challenging adventure.  Just like anything else, to be good at it you have to at least gone through the performance tuning process once, but preferably twice.

One of the things that can greatly help you is to learn some commonly performance tuning techniques or even better yet is to learn from someone who just finished doing performance tuning.  Well luck has it, a recent article at the Architect Zone at DZone site talks about what Jeroen Borgers had gone through and he was generous to share with us his performance tuning adventure.

The takeaways for after reading this article are:

  • When some operation is expensive, do it less often and if that is not possible, do it in batch or asynchronous.
  • For a web application that involves a database, ensure appropriate indexes are created and tailored to the data access pattern based on business use cases.

Have fun performance tuning and please share your performance tuning techniques.

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