Awaken Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Most of us have some amount of entrepreneurial blood in our body. It is good to awake this spirit once in a while to spice up our work life and our creativity.

Last night I attended a meeting hosted by The Silicon Valley NewTech Meetup group and it was a blast (the event is free by the way). I came early and was able to grab a seat. The room was packed by 7pm and those came in late had to stand along the walls. The first hour of the meeting was for young Web 2.0 startups to demo their idea and the fruits of their labor and the second hour was for announcements and mingling.

Four companies did the demo of their product/website. The business ideas from these four companies were very different. You can checked them out at the website above.

It was amazing to see the entrepreneurial spirit flying around the room during the mingling hour. Peoples were exchanging business cards, business ideas, and questions and answers. There were about 300 to 400 people, so it was pretty loud. You basically had to stand pretty close to the person you are talking to in order to hear them.

I met one musician, who has an interesting idea, and he is looking for folks to help him out on the technical side as well as on the marketing side.

I was really glad I attended the meeting last night and planning to go to next month’s meeting. I felt more energized after hanging around with the attendees and may be something good will happen. Let’s hope 🙂

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