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Using Spring Social To Update Status On Facebook, Twiiter and LinkedIn

A few short months back I learned about the new and exciting Spring Social project and now I finally have a chance play with it.  My goal was to integrate Spring Social into my small Spring MVC application called “Project … Continue reading

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Google App Engine for Java

By now I am sure everyone has heard that Google App Engine has supported Java and this is totally exciting for Java developers including myself.  Not only Java is supported, but one can use JPA to store/retrieve data from Google … Continue reading

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Understanding Spring Framework Hierarchical Context

Not many people are familiar with the support that Spring framework has for hierarchical context. The question is why do we need such feature. This feature is useful in the scenario where your product has multiple web applications and all … Continue reading

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How Does Spring Bean Container Dispose Your Beans?

Spring bean container provides a powerful and flexible way to manage Spring bean’s lifecycle. If a Spring bean needs to clean itself up when Spring bean container is gracefully shutting down, it has several ways of specifying that intent. The … Continue reading

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Web Application Security

I’ve been poking around to learn about web application security framework and frankly I am kind of disappointed. Comparing with the number of open source frameworks for other aspsects of web application i.e MVC, testing, O/R, there aren’t that many … Continue reading

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