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2013 Resolutions

It is that time of the year to make resolutions and revisit the old ones. Last year I wrote down 10 resolutions and looks like I completed only 2.5 resolutions.  That would be an F grade, pretty pathetic.  Looking back, … Continue reading

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2012 Resolutions

2012 is upon us and now is the time to make or declare resolutions.  Below is a list of resolutions for 2012: Write 12 blogs – one per month (one down and 11 more to go 🙂 ) Finish the … Continue reading

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Great Eclipse Tutorial Video

I recently watched a video about Eclipse IDE and I must say it is fairly good.  Scott, the presenter, covered a lot of good stuff in Eclipse that both new and experience Eclipse IDE users may not be aware of. … Continue reading

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Google App Engine for Java

By now I am sure everyone has heard that Google App Engine has supported Java and this is totally exciting for Java developers including myself.  Not only Java is supported, but one can use JPA to store/retrieve data from Google … Continue reading

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My First Writable With Hadoop

Hadoop uses a simple and efficient serialization protocol to serialize data between the map and reduce steps.  There is a lot going on between these two steps, but this article is not about that.  Rather it focuses on what a … Continue reading

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Awaken Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Most of us have some amount of entrepreneurial blood in our body. It is good to awake this spirit once in a while to spice up our work life and our creativity. Last night I attended a meeting hosted by … Continue reading

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10 Tips For Success Career

I found an old email in my mail box dated back in 1999, but the content is still pretty applicable. The content of the email contains 10 tips for a successful career. Since I haven’t really taken all those tips … Continue reading

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