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Nutch & Lucene

Just discovered a good video about “Experiences with the Nutch search engine” and the presenter is the project founder himself, Doug Cutting. He gave a great history of Lucene and then covered Nutch, Hadoop and their future. This is a … Continue reading

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Lessions Learned From Recent Project

Reflection is an important process in the journey of learning. This post tries to capture the lessons learned from leading a project. This project is not a large one and not extremely complicated, but it encompasses all the typical elements … Continue reading

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OSCON Conference Is Awesome

Even though I haven’t attended an OSCON conference yet, but I already like it.  It is awesome because it covers a wide range of topics about open source software, internet and architecture.  Another great thing is the presentation slides are … Continue reading

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Scalability Mistakes

Scalability is one of the important metrics for measuring the soundness of a system’s architecture.  Many architects stumble a couple of times before getting it right.  What’s important to try one’s best not to make the same mistakes that other … Continue reading

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Awaken Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Most of us have some amount of entrepreneurial blood in our body. It is good to awake this spirit once in a while to spice up our work life and our creativity. Last night I attended a meeting hosted by … Continue reading

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Ten General Points About REST

RESTful web services are becoming more and more popular as more and more developers understand the resource model techniques. Behind RESTful web services is the REST architecture style, which is not as well known or understood. This post is aimed … Continue reading

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