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Java Concurrency Synchronizers

Java Concurrency Utilities provides a number of powerful and high-performance threading utiities.  At the high level they can be grouped into four categories and this article will cover one of the categories. Thread Pools and Task Scheduling Concurrent Collections Locks … Continue reading

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Performance Tuning Lessions

Depends on how you look at it, performance tuning can be a stressful task or a really fun and challenging adventure.  Just like anything else, to be good at it you have to at least gone through the performance tuning … Continue reading

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Presenting At 360|Flex Conference in San Jose 8/18-8/20

I am pretty excited about the opportunity to present at the upcoming 360|Flex conference in San Jose from August 18 to 20. My coworker and I will give a talk about our experiences and what we had learned from developing … Continue reading

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Understanding Spring Framework Hierarchical Context

Not many people are familiar with the support that Spring framework has for hierarchical context. The question is why do we need such feature. This feature is useful in the scenario where your product has multiple web applications and all … Continue reading

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JavaOne Week – CommunityOne Summary

JavaOne week was kicked off with CommunityOne event on Monday 5/5.  If you didn’t attend, you missed a free event that was packed with interesting session. It seems like Sun is open up in a big way in terms of creating … Continue reading

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Being A Productive Java Developer

A highly productive Java developer will often figure out the right tool to use for the right task. If you are a Java developer and you use Eclipse IDE, then you are on your way to being productive. One of … Continue reading

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Cool Google Collections Library

I stumbled across an article on about Google Collections Library and I must say I like what it offers. Mainly because You end up writing less code Your codes will be cleaner Your codes will have less bug More … Continue reading

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